The Travel Weekend from hell – but good news in the end?

I don’t normally blog about this kind of stuff, but this weekend was not fun. 1600 miles in airplanes, multiple stop-overs and miles over miles in rental cars …. just to be delayed again by weather, forced stay-over where I had to pay my own hotel (because it was a storm, not the airline’s fault) and then hours in the car to make it to my apartment in the DC are just to arrive and see that the same storm that killed my travel plans also caused major power outages and I have no power …. so now I am in a hotel (AGAIN!!!!) for tonight and am finally gogin through my e-mail and find this:

Dear Victor:
Our records indicate that you purchased EarlyBird Check-in as part of a recent trip (Confirmation Number xxxxx) and your flight was cancelled. Since you were unable to take advantage of the benefits of EarlyBird Check-in due to a cancelled flight by Southwest Airlines, we are refunding your EarlyBird Check-in purchase to the original form of payment within the next seven to ten business days.
We apologize for the inconvenience and look forward to welcoming you onboard again soon.

Thank you again for flying with us!

-Your friends at Southwest Airlines

This is actually from three weeks ago – I was canceled and had to stay in Chicago over the 4th of July and was going to cal sometime to have my early-bird check-in refunded …. and then I find out that Southwest actually tracks this stuff and returns money by themself .. that is a nice surprise.

I also need to mention that I was flying Southwest this weekend and that the ladies who deal with tired travelers trying to got another flight are awesome and little ladies half my size wade through luggage carousels and fully packed luggage carts in the back to pull out my bags for me and my family so I can get to the hotel and rest so we can catch the first flight next morning – I guess Southwest has created another fan here …